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Diamonds & Marble

A special combination of excellence.

Art, Made in Italy, Passion and Luxury.

These are the main features that identify the new project signed by Athena Marmi, which wants to celebrate the two most luxurious natural materials to give beauty and uniqueness to every creation and environment. 

With the Diamond & Marble project, in facts, Athena Marmi combines taste and sophistication, design and tailoring, proposing the result of the combination of marble and diamonds.

The main inspiration for this project is Mother Nature: she is the supreme creator of these two elements that are extraordinary in magnificence, quality and durability. They are the protagonists of a meeting unique in its kind. 

There is Marble, a masterpiece of art by definition - which with its uniqueness varies in each piece and in every nuance, with each processing-. Its magnificence and eternity, the celestial shades and the terrestrial veins, the ethereal brightness that it gives and the soul that it releases to every creation. 

And then Diamond, synonymous of light, brightness, beauty, exclusivity and luxury. A unique stone, symbol of the promise of love and luxury itself by definition. Indestructible but rare, rich and vibrant, able to cheer the spirit and inebriate the soul.

The union of Marble and Diamonds, thanks to a fine work of engraving and deposition, becomes an operative technique in the realization of real works of art never equal and repeatable. 

A guarantee of excellence, wonder and the achievement of what – to all intents and purposes - can be defined “the highest level of luxury”. 

The refined micro diamonds used in the processing are accompanied by a certificate of conformity, and each project realized with the Diamond & Marble line will be provided with the inherent calibre of the deposition carried out.

Athena Marmi can offer its customers the dream and magic that only the encounter of two excellences can make flourish, combined with finely designed workmanship, the guarantee of quality and a contemporary but also timeless design.

The projects carried out are tailoring, based on specific needs and requests of the client.

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