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From the Russian Festival of Fashion to the Florence White Night.

A meeting of Italian production excellence and the Russian market under the catwalk.

You may wonder why Athena actively supports and participates in events dedicated to fashion... and what fashion and interior design can possibly have in common? The answer is forever tied to the new concept of "luxury" in the world, and in other words “tailoring quality” of creations. This concept has forever been part of the approach of working and forming stone in Athena. It was therefore only natural that it was part of recent events organised by Società Italia: “Florence White night” as part of the event Pitti Immagine Bimbo; and the 7th edition of the Russian Festival of Fashion, held last November at the showroom in the central Via Cerva of Milan, where 14 upcoming designers displayed their brand new creations. Thus not only fashion, but workshops and debates on issues of design, with a combination of Italian and Russian creativity and taste: an excellent opportunity for the various businesses involved, both in cultural and economic terms to meet in a welcoming and festive atmosphere. For Athena this represented an important moment to affirm its place of excellence in the Italian manufacturing sector, providing the perfect meeting point for the international fashion system with the world of interior design.


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