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Tailor made projects

In Athena we mould the most noble of the materials, marble, with love and respect and work on it 

according to the customer’s requests. Combining art and artisanship with the use of avant-garde technology, we are specialized in the realization of artistic works exclusively using marble, granite and stone.


An important mission is engraved on our destiny: transforming each single stone into an authentic masterpiece of Italian art. We listen to our customers’ needs and guide them toward the realization of their desires, step by step, planning all stages with the help of highly specialized employees, tools and avant-garde computer programs. Exactly as an haute couture dressmaker does, we sew and deliver fine marble manufactures, which are “sewn” ad hoc according to customer’s request.


From the very beginning, the customer receives suggestions in order to choose the most suitable solution, the best material for a perfect aesthetical and functional result.



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Love and passion for marble, a noble element, become in Athena also carving. With craftsmanship and devotion Nardi family has kept a secular tradition alive moulding rare works entirely carved by hand. 

Sculptural works, decorative inserts and bas-reliefs made by our artisans aim at handing down in the future the idea of beauty that ancients left us by their marble works. Every single engraving and chisel stroke make each single sculpture unique and unrepeatable.

Objects made of natural stone

In Athena marble is day after day the protagonist of fine furnishing objects production. Our idea is giving a ‘new soul’ to objects of common use in terms of peculiarity and refinement. So, a common dish set becomes a work of art made of onyx or marble that can be used to embellish your rooms; moreover, sound amplifiers are changed into decorative waves which are appreciated by a specific target of customers.

Marble forniture

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According to customer’s wishes and needs we make entirely made in Italy solutions of furniture satisfying also the most refined taste. We are specialized in the realization of interior design; our work has two different souls: the first is classical, the second one is contemporary.


The inlay is an ancient decoration technique that in Athena Marmi we can decline both in classic and contemporary projects thanks to craft skills. Combining a deep aesthetic sensibility and technical specialization, first, we give birth to drawings that respect customer’s needs and tastes without losing sight of the decoration feasibility. At this point, the project is given to our artisans who shape each single piece with waterjet technology. After being put all together, our inlays decorate floors, walls, and furnishings.



Athena Marmi has a long history behind the creation of columns. Thanks to ad hoc instruments, knowledge and artisan experience we produce columns, indoor and outdoor, of all sizes, even over 4 meters, in one piece.

Shafts, solid or drilled, which we make through a turning process, can be twisted, cylindrical or grooved, depending on the needs and tastes of the customer. Each of them is surmounted by a capital, chosen by the client, in Doric, Ionic, Corinthian or Composite style, in relation to the project where it will be set.

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Athena srl - Via Chiampo, 51 Arzignano VI - tel +39 0444 451888 - fax +39 0444 457389 - - PI: 02340370242 - Rea: 223953 - Cap. Soc. €21.000 i.v.

project by DiBi Project - created by Piki Studio

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