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The project for “A Gentleman’s Refuge”

Ancora 1

Custom made furniture and accessories in Renaissance style

Custom made furniture and accessories in Renaissance style were made by Athena for an elegant villa in Central America. The project, which was commissioned by the designer and art-dealer Anthony Foster, has requested the realization of some furnishing elements entirely made by hand according to the client's design drawing.

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The capital, made by Athena, is adorned with acanthus leaves composed of a core of two rows of leaves, and crowned by thin bent stems in the upper part. The work, carved from a single block of White Perlino, has been placed outside the villa, among the green plants, to give a further touch of elegance and refinement.

Two pine cones

A Corinthian capital

These pine cones hide behind their realization a particular story, a story that concerns us in the intimate. The works were not born from a design need of Anthony but represent a gift that we gave to the owner of the villa. Our pine cones represent a passion, the art of the ancestor of  the Nardi family, Marco and Carlo’s father, who engraves from the raw block these original sculptures as a hobby with artisanal mastery. A tangible testimony that processing marble in our company, first of all, means passion and devotion.


The top of the cocktail desk

The project made by Anthony Foster for the luxurious wine hall involved the creation of a functional, elegant and impressive piece of furniture. Athena  has been commissioned for its realization with these specific requests made by the designer. The single block solution of Pink Peralba stands out vertically on the entire height of the wall. Before the covering there is the desk, which is entirely at one with the top and the sink obtained from the same block, so that the final result is completely free of joints and leaks.

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The table’s risers

The client's wish was to create a table with a glass support base and risers in Renaissance style. Inspired by the rose windows of Italian churches and especially the Florentine ones, also in this case, Athena's craftsmen have encarved the risers by hand making soft curvilinear sculptures with circular elements of various sizes. The prestigious works made of Rosa Bellissimo combined with the minimalism of the piano give life to a true masterpiece of art.

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The bathroom sink

Formal perfection and realization of the finest details for one of the villa’s bathrooms. The classic taste of Golden Silva coatings has been accompanied by the creation of a contemporary sink. The complement made of Caramel onyx, wants to remember the typical patterns of Persian carpets for its shapes and colors, to which Antony Foster devoted and is devoting most of his career. Starting from one single block, the artisans of Athena have entirely hand carved the sink according to the project of the designer. Today, it testifies our know-how in the villa.

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project by DiBi Project - created by Piki Studio

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