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From stone to ground: the Corte Capitelli winery.

A unique winery 

A wine estate located in the golden basin of Selva di Montebello. 

The passion of a family and the ambition to create an exclusive space, able to combine past, present and future, between the link with the land, tradition and modernity.

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Among design, matter and tradition.

For the headquarters of the winery of Corte Capitelli, the company aimed at the innovative and constructive use of a unique material and with strong references to the soil in which the vineyards, of volcanic origin, grow. 

For this reason, lava stone was chosen, used in all environments, from the outdoors (walkways, coverings and seats) to the large terrace of the event hall.

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Lava Stone

It is a unique material, which arises from a lava flow of Etna Volcano, in Catania, subsequently cooled. 

A lava tongue from 7 to 12 meters, from which blocks are extracted directly in situ. 

A homogeneous stone, resistant to extreme temperatures and that gives a vivid, materic mood and an atmosphere with strong personality to the environments.

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The wine bar

The internal wine bar is an exclusive location created ad hoc within the project signed by the architect Giorgio Gallo, which, like the niches of the exhibition furniture, also boasts the use of lava stone. 

Lava stone  ensures the creation of an innovative and high-design environment while maintaining a strong link with tradition and with the references to the volcanic territory that houses the winery.

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