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Austin Hotel

Luxury hotel in texas

In Austin (Texas) there is a vibrant Business Central District called Fairmont Austin Hotel. Athena Marmi has contributed to the realization of this luxurious 37-floor building making floors, coverings, and accessories that embellish the environments.

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Customer needs and project’s concept

When we have been called by the designers, the need we were asked to answer was creating works that could satisfy customers’ luxury need before tasting hotel services. The same entrance to Fairmont must immediately express high quality and attention to the guest that the hotel pays to its customers. Taking inspiration from the project we have juxtaposed stones of different type and origin giving life to works that can express, in addition to skillful Italian artisanship, also a strong multicultural sensitivity in order to make international guests feel welcomed in the hotel. The stones, which have been chosen among the finest materials from all over the world, are from Italy, America, and Africa.

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Italian jewellery: Vicenza Stone and Spaccatello Pink Travertine

As a symbol of Italian culture and of Made in Italy know-how, stones of Mediterranean origin have been deliberately used at Fairmont. Columns that decorate some corridors, baseboards of the rooms and elevators frames are made of Vicenza Stone. Besides, Spaccatello Pink Travertine is another Italian original stone that embellishes the fountains in the Hall.

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Discovering Africa with Absolute Black, Afyon White Select, Cleopatra Yellow, and Sahara Noir

The reception desks are made of precious African marbles to welcome guests with a warm atmosphere, which is typical of their original country. Besides, details have been embellished with a gold leaf decoration. The elegance of the desks continues and leads the gaze towards the surroundings thanks to floors’ chromatic continuity made of Sahara Noir marble.

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Visiting America means finding different materials: Dalmata marble, Black Cosmic Granite, Black Eramosa marble, Azul Calcite.

The hotel floors combine materials from different areas of America with African stones in order to create elegant and special chromatic effects. Choosing the floors pattern, the designer seems to have been inspired by the iconic Sixties creating geometries and contrasts that exalt the stones peculiarity.


Another characteristic element of the building is the decoration of one of the first floor’s walls. A wall of the hotel has been decorated with a slab of Dalmata marble with open stams to remember the history of the area where Fairmont is placed. This material has been chosen for its resemblance to the coat of a wild horse that has always been the symbol of Texas territory and far Wild West.


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project by DiBi Project - created by Piki Studio

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