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Loft in the

city center

The strength and beauty of natural materials in a context with a distinctly modern design

Massive travertine elements characterize the environments of kitchen and bathroom for a Penthouse Suite in the historic centre of Modena. 

The stone was carved from a single block and left with open pores to maintain and enhance the naturalness and beauty of the stone, this one, with its pastel tone is combined with design elements that surround it. 

Bath and kitchen elements have been designed and manufactured to be impressive and functional, but, at the same time, to enrich everyday living environments. 

Outside there is an extension of the elegance that characterize the interiors of the loft, a huge 85 m²  terrace, covered with Travertino Classico on the inner walls, which is the backdrop for exclusive parties.



Athena srl - Via Chiampo, 51 Arzignano VI - tel +39 0444 451888 - fax +39 0444 457389 - - PI: 02340370242 - Rea: 223953 - Cap. Soc. €21.000 i.v.

project by DiBi Project - created by Piki Studio

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