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Private villa

in Kiev

Ancora 1

Inspired by the Papal Basilica in Rome

The desire of the client is reliving in his home the original effect of the colourful marble carpets of the ancient Roman churches and noble villas. Inspired by the pavement of the Papal Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, in Rome, here it is a floor covering that recalls the ancient Cosmatesque style, which was typical for floors and decorative works of ancient Roman marble craftsmen (12th-13th centuries).

Different room by room

An approximately 250 m2 floor covering without any repeats, with modules and cards that change from one room to another adapting to the measures of each space. For an excellent result, dry pre-laying in Athena was fundamental before shipping and then the collaboration with a team of expert and professional technicians for the installation on site. Care, time and attention have been given to choice of materials, check of colour combinations and technical finishing tests. 

Chromatic harmonies

The aim was creating an high level decorative marble inlay, maintaining its practical use and duration in time. So, for technical-physical and chromatic characteristics the choice felt upon precious marbles such as Azul Noemi, Azul Emperador, Yellow Siena, Red Levanto, White Calacatta, Arabescato Vagli, Carrara White, and Guatemala Green. Moreover, the modern fireplace reproduces the same chromatic inlay; it is made of Yellow Siena Waterjet and Blue Lapis lazuli, precious gemstones. Thanks to the direct presence of Athena's trusted technicians, dialogue and constant communication between the company and the site have allowed to harmonize the work and achieve a perfect result, with expertise and professionalism, finding answers to the customers concerns and satisfying their aspirations.

Luxury marble

The time between the design of the studio and the construction of the entire Villa took more than one year. It was a period of flexibility, promptness in accepting the evolution of ideas during construction and processing of specific new plans constantly in line with the wishes of the customer.


Athena srl - Via Chiampo, 51 Arzignano VI - tel +39 0444 451888 - fax +39 0444 457389 - - PI: 02340370242 - Rea: 223953 - Cap. Soc. €21.000 i.v.

project by DiBi Project - created by Piki Studio

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