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Ancora 1

Magnificence e sumptuousness

The project has been carried out by Studio Papiri International; it is a travel from the past to the present to reinterpret the concept of luxury from Ancient Rome in a contemporary way.

The design idea refers to an ancient concept of magnificence and luxuriousness; today it is presented and proposed for builds and places used for accommodation, and also for private spaces that look for perfection and uniqueness as distinctive and essential elements.

Extraodinary lightness

 The wall is entirely covered by precious Tropical Onyx and it is fired up by the back-lighting, which makes peculiar and unique a pure functional element. The top made of onyx proposes an original design with a curvilinear effect, even though it consists of plaques wedded to a frontal veil. This particular technique of manufacture and assemblage allows to maintain the natural continuity of marble’s grain, which seems to be cut from a single block. In the meanwhile we offer economically accessible and extraordinary light solutions. 

Palladian's moldings

The opening knobs of the walk-in wardrobe’s drawers are unique because they are made of in Namibia White Marble and entirely by hand. The bath made of Rosa Portugal is a masterpiece of art and technique; it has been projected by CAD-CAM design, CNC development, completed and polished by hand.

Artistic mastery

 Its particular elliptical shape and outline have been projected by the creative genius of the designer Raffaello Galiotto, who was inspired by the typical Palladian frames. The large fountain made of Verdello is also the result of the combination of the skilful use of avant-garde technology and artistic mastery. Its particular curved shapes, made by CNC technology, have been inspired by the fountains of the ancient Roman classic villas.


Athena srl - Via Chiampo, 51 Arzignano VI - tel +39 0444 451888 - fax +39 0444 457389 - - PI: 02340370242 - Rea: 223953 - Cap. Soc. €21.000 i.v.

project by DiBi Project - created by Piki Studio

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