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“A Gentleman’s Refuge”, the precious project by Anthony Foster

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Anthony Foster is an interior designer, an art dealer, an expert on carpets and antique tapestries; he is a man of histrionic talent. Today, he divides his time between Mexico City, Italy, Lycian coasts and Southern Turkey.

In Athena Marmi we can honorably say that we have had the chance to work with him for the décor of an elegant villa in Central America. A creative experience which is testified by the work called “A Gentleman’s Refuge”.

Among art, soberness, and artisanal tradition

Anthony received the commission to redesign, decorate and embellish “A Gentleman’s Refuge” from a friend of him; it became for him a challenging chance to create organized and, in the mean time, eccentric and fluid spaces where periods and artistic genres can interact talking to each other in complete freedom and harmony.

The search for decorations took place all over the world from America to Europe, from antique markets to auction houses and private collections.

A part from classical Greek and Roman statues, paintings by great masters of 16th century, Persian rugs and contemporary works, rooms are embellished by furniture and accessories made by famous companies from Italian custom made production. For this project Anthony asked for Athena Marmi’s collaboration. We were active partners of this project making art objects to further embellish the villa.

The winery needs to be paid a specific tribute: for it we made a lightening cocktail cabinet with top and basin derived from a single block of Pink Peralba, a natural purple stone coming from Italian Dolomites; moreover, we made the bathroom using Caramel Onyx and Golden Silva.

From the capable hands of Athena’s craftsmen unique ornamental works have also born as, for example, Corinthian capitol made of White Perlino and the legs of a table in Renaissance style, all valuable things which are completely hand-carved according to Anthony’s project.

Athena’s style is well recognizable in the external garden too; there two of our symbols have been put: pine cones, which were hand-carved and obtained from Real Yellow. Pine cones are a trade mark of our company, an original cadeau to remember our history and its founder.


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