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French Regency Chimney

French Regency was born in France during the kingdom of Philippe II, Duke of Orléans. It estabilished between 1715 and 1723 and it marked the begin of Rococo.

French Regency

During la Règence, French court took distances from Versailles and the rich baroque drawings were giving way to lighter elements, with curves and natural motives. This artistic change became well defined starting from the royal palace, followed by all the french high society.

1730 decade represented the climax of Rococo development in France. The style diffused over architecture and decoration. Rococo kept Baroque taste in the complex shapes and the intricate schemes, but at this point it started to integrate a wide range of different features, including the taste for oriental drawings and asimmetric compositions

The Chimney

The characteristics of Noir Saint Laurent, wich are its strong colour and the warm venature's shades - whose chase themselves following a specific order -, enhance the beauty of the workmanship that, with classical shaping and clear strokes evoke the glorious mystique of the French 700.


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