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Salone del Mobile, Milan: the authentic trend of 2018 is nature

Marble and wood, which is always a prominent element, confirm a constantly increasing positive trend once again this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Both of them are true ‘objets de désir’ of the event, because they are loved and looked for by people interested in subjects as: floors, coatings, tables, workplans, and design elements.

2018 Salone del Mobile seems to show, however, not only a trend but a true sociological need: the pursuit of naturalness. Marble comes back again to be the choice of contemporary interior designers maybe in order to escape a chaotic and more and more high-tech world or to discover the primordial connection with natural materials and to find their energy and beauty.

Stand by stand, setting after setting, we can note as modern style meets classicism and, specifically, it models itself to offer us an aesthetic effect that fills rooms making them unique.

An elegant game of contrats: Athena Marmi’s stand

In accordance to contemporary trends and planning requests Athena Marmi too has taken part in the exhibition in collaboration with Signoretto Lampadari, Annibale Esposti Dipinti d’Arte, and Ros Italia Interiors. Its stand was the symbol of skilfull Italian handicraft work. A setting that reveals itself as it was the stage of a play.

Visitors are welcomed at the stand by a marble wall which is the curtain of the true scenary. A drape of White Lasa Covelano, which stands for a piece of silk – made by CNC instrumentation, embellished by a hand-made artistic workmanship of silver leaf – that seems to invite us to open the curtains and discover what there is behind them.

The surprise is enormous! A setting on the boundary between classical and modern style where these two trends are linked by an evident search for style: good taste and luxury!

The gaze focuses on a multi-colored geometrical inlaid floor of Afyon White, Black Marquina and Red Levanto, which leads us towards the bathroom.

Here there is a collection of Afyon White and Black Marquina, which was inspired by “I Marmi del Doge”. These works are reinterpreted according to contemporary aesthetics and can be appreciated by the most eclectic customers too.

Looking the other way, you can see a combined table and board. The first is made entirely of marble; it has hardwood shapely legs and an inlaid top of Grey Stone and Moon Cream, which is exactly the same as the board. The reference to it is clear: surfaces, patterns, and geometries want to remember the School of Abstraction’s works. Lines and color contrasts stimulate feelings and synthesize ‘emotional needs’ of anyone admiring these true pieces of art.

Collections and presented works show versatility and flexibility, a part from an evident attention to detail, creating objects that mirror décor style combined with sophisticated systems.


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