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Leaf style working

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Leaf style processing is a technique of antique ornamental decoration, still used today in gilding or silvering to embellish both classic and modern works. The 24-karat gold, or the silver, are applied on marbles, stones and granites with a particular technique of hand application.

An example of working with silver leaf, has been exhibited at the "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" in 2018. It is a single Covelano marble slab carved as a "drape" (size 145x290x2 cm), realized through CNC processing and then finished by hand. Being a versatile backdrop, which can recreate the effect of a drop curtain, it is aimed at embellishing and giving character to any wall. Thanks to its particular workmanship, it shows the best when it is illuminated with a side light that enhances the rhythm and depth of the drapes.

An example of recent gold leaf processing can be represented by the desks that Athena has created for the Hall of a luxurious new hotel in Texas, called Fairmont Austin. It consists of 8 desks in Black Cosmic granite, which is a special material whose nuances recall a sparkling of a starry sky. The shapes of the coasts have been embellished with a gold leaf decoration that enhances the beautiful texturing of the natural stone.


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